Applying Early

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“Ann sets realistic and informative timelines and provides answer to every question conceivable one with have and they are always personalized to fit your own situation and never a cookie cutter solution. Working with someone who is available to give you one on one attention is such a comfort in a very stressful time and it allows you to focus on the tasks and not fret over the small things.” – C. McMichael

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Most law schools operate on a rolling admissions system. That means they start to review (and accept!) applications in the fall and this process continues through the spring of the following year. This often influences when you choose to take the LSAT and whether it is worth taking the LSAT in December or February. Part of your law school application strategy (as if you needed more decisions) is when to apply. The benefit of applying early is that the most amount of spots are open in the upcoming law school class.

Some schools offer binding early decision and non-binding early notification programs, where you will hear back from schools more quickly if you apply by a certain date. Thinking through these strategic decisions at each step of the process can make or break your acceptance into a particular school.

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