Explaining Weaknesses/Addenda

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“Ann was an absolute pleasure to work with, and she made navigating the daunting law school application process easy. Her patience, knowledge and guidance throughout the process made applying to law school seem manageable. I truly believe Ann’s help and insight made a difference in my application. She not only helped me with my essays and applications, but also with managing my expectations. Ann supported and encouraged me throughout the entire process, and when I opted to remain on the wait list at one of my top choices, she continued to work with me every step of the way until I was eventually accepted off of that wait list. I highly recommend Ann and encourage every potential law school applicant to work with her!” – Sarah G.

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Do you think that you may have what is considered a “weakness” when applying for law school? If so you may need to submit an addendum in your law school application. In an addendum, you can take the opportunity to explain something in your background that may be perceived by law school admission committees as a “weakness.”

It is important to get advice on how to best position your weakness in an addendum. Common weaknesses when applying to law school include low LSAT scores, a low undergraduate GPA or indiscretions in your past. Since the law and law school is all about arguing a case, your addendum is a perfect time to show that you can provide evidence to deflate a negative presumption.

Generally weaknesses can be turned into something positive if explained properly in your addendum or optional essay. For example, let’s say you had a low undergraduate GPA but you had to work full-time to put yourself through college. Explaining that can show dedication and can explain why you had less time to study than your peers. If you experienced something unfortunate or made a bad judgment call, you can use your addendum to show how this event led to your growth or maturity and how you now take responsibility for your actions.

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