Letters of Recommendation

Ann Lives Up to Her Expert Name

“Ann certainly lives up to her expert name. All the questions I had were answered promptly, even though she was in California and I was in New York. She help me craft a personal statement that had appeal to the adcomms by helping me bring out details I didn’t even realize were important. I must say I did ask a lot of questions both day and night, perhaps even too many, but the great thing about Ann is that no matter how many questions you ask she always answers in a kind and professional matter. I think trust is a big factor in hiring a consultant, Law School is a big decision, and you want to know that you can rely on what your consultant is saying. Well, whatever Ann told me, I took at her word. She has the work experience and knowledge to put your mind at ease. Thank Ann for all your help!” – SW

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Letters of recommendation are an important component of your law school application. In addition to your undergraduate GPA, your LSAT score, and your personal statement, the letters of recommendation provide the law school with insights from those who are qualified to evaluate you as a future law student and attorney.

Academic letters are very important because law schools want assurance from professors that you can handle the rigors of a legal education. Law schools also want to know that you have the writing, analytical, communication, people, and managerial skills for this sophisticated profession. Therefore, a writing professor will be better than a recommendation from the manager for your part-time job in retail.

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