Personal Statements

Admission Officer Told Me My Personal Statement was “Right On!”

“When I spoke to an Admissions Officer about my application, she said I approached my personal statement and addenda perfectly. She said she reads so many personal statements that aren’t in the correct voice, but my approach to my application was right on! Thanks, Ann!!!!” – Danny

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Your personal statement is generally considered the most important aspect of your law school application outside of your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score. A law school personal statement is your chance to describe why you are better than the thousands of other applicants with whom you are competing for spots in that particular law school’s next incoming class.

The personal statement is where you can exert the most control over your law school application. The majority of Law School Expert’s clients come to us with questions about their personal statement due to its importance in the law school admission process. We get to know your background so we can help you identify the best topics and theme for your essay. Then, we provide you with a brainstorming exercise and give you feedback on the ideas you present before we even start working on a draft.

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