Transferring Law Schools

Ann made navigating the law school application process easy

“Ann was an absolute pleasure to work with, and she made navigating the daunting law school application process easy. Her patience, knowledge and guidance throughout the process made applying to law school seem manageable. I truly believe Ann’s help and insight made a difference in my application. She not only helped me with my essays and applications, but also with managing my expectations. Ann supported and encouraged me throughout the entire process, and when I opted to remain on the wait list at one of my top choices, she continued to work with me every step of the way until I was eventually accepted off of that wait list. I highly recommend Ann and encourage every potential law school applicant to work with her!” – Sarah G.

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Transferring law schools requires a specific application process and a very specific message as to why you want to transfer. Most people who want to transfer are trying to jump up in the rankings or move closer to a family member or job opportunity. The key to doing this is showing that you did well during your first year of law school since this is the best predictor for how you will do in the remainder of law school.

If you are considering transferring, the best time to contact Law School Expert is after receiving your grades from your first semester of law school.

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