Waiting Lists

Ann Levine is the only way to go!

“My GPA was in the range of my top choice school but my LSAT was several points below their median. I remember calling her and saying, “Is it even worth me following up and pursuing this school considering my LSAT isn’t near their median?” She replied saying, “What do you have to lose, why not?” I ended up getting wait-listed at the school. Ann helped me tailor my multiple letters of continued interest. When I was losing my patience waiting for a response, I would conjure up several strategies, run them by Ann, and she would tell me which ones she found satisfactory and even some she considered borderline crazy. haha As I write this testimony, I’m a week away from starting at my top choice law school. Yes, I eventually got in off the wait-list and I couldn’t have done it without Ann’s help!” – HB

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So you’ve worked hard on your applications, you survived the LSAT, and you just got waitlisted at your top school. While this isn’t bad news, it can be heart wrenching since it is not yet an acceptance. However, there are things you can do to go from waitlist to acceptance.

You will also need to evaluate the responses you get from other schools. Sometimes, you may not have time to wait to hear from the school you have been waitlisted at before responding to other school(s) at which you were accepted. Can we say “stressful?” Law School Expert is very familiar with the waitlist issue and can provide you with advice so that you can best achieve your law school acceptance goals.

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