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Why to Choose Law School Expert

Landed a spot at Georgetown

I used to buy into the idea that admission to law school is purely a numbers game. With numbers below the medians at all of my top choice schools, I truly thought a top school was out of my reach without a 3rd LSAT retake. Ann’s advice was paramount to every aspect of my application and not without a much needed dose of realism. It was only with Ann’s guidance that I submitted a well-crafted application that landed me a spot at Georgetown. In all ways Ann completely exceeded my expectations and I recommend her services to every law school applicant without reservation! – MG (Georgetown Law)

Extremely happy

I am extremely happy that I have been given the opportunity to attend a school like Georgetown. I know that without your help it is likely that I would not have been accepted to Georgetown, and would probably be getting ready to attend a different law school that would not afford me the same kinds of opportunities that Georgetown will :). Thanks again. – J.

I cannot thank Ann enough

I cannot thank Ann enough.  I read her book before working with her and it was worth every penny.  Being a nontraditional student, a Marine Corps Officer moving from overseas with my family, I believe I could not have done it without Ann.  Applying to any law school is a life changing decision filled with uncertainty, but working with Ann allowed me to not have to sweat the little details and waste endless time researching on the Internet.  Whether you’re a nontraditional student or applying straight from undergrad, your application to law school is a process that takes months and can seem overwhelming but with Ann everything was done in small very manageable tasks. Ann is also very professional and honest.  From your first conversation with Ann you feel personally connected with someone who is as motivated as you are to accomplish your goal and get into your dream school.  Thank you, Ann!  -F. Smith  (Rutgers Law)

Achieving Recognized Law School Goals with a Full Scholarship

During the spring 2011, I sent a random email to you simply looking for some guidance to assist my son in narrowing his undergraduate college selection in order to better position him for law school; your general and straight forward response was enlightening. At that time, I mentioned to you that Mitch would be contacting during the summer of 2013 when he would start the law school application process. Your knowledge and guidance has resulted in Mitch achieving his current goals in attending a recognized law school; the full-­‐tuition scholarship was a plus, so again thank you. -­‐Bill M.

Full Tuition Scholarship Offers Attributed to Resume & Personal Statement

Ann’s knowledge was invaluable in identifying which information should and should not be included in my resume and personal statement for my law school applications, and helping me organize the information in a manner which presented me as being a successful future law school student. I personally attribute the full tuition scholarship offers I received from top ranked law schools to the resume and personal statement, which Ann helped me develop. – Mitch

I’ve been accepted to the law school I never really considered a true possibility

Ann Levine, quite simply, changes lives! After working with her for 4 easy and frustration-free months, I’ve been accepted to the law school I never really considered a true possibility. It’s incredible. I’m in at my first choice!

Ann, thank you! You made the law school application process straight forward and simple. I was able to focus on one task at a time, never feeling overwhelmed or unable to accomplish the incremental steps that made the goal a reality.

Ann also introduced me to Nathan Fox and his online LSAT prep class. That, probably more than anything else, was the reason I was able to be a competitive applicant to the law school of my choice. The icing on the cake, was the advice and critical eye Ann provided to my resume and personal statement.

Ann, you’re incredible and I can’t fully express how grateful and overjoyed I am. THANK YOU! – Fordham Law

Acceptance Letter from My Dream School!

“Opening an acceptance letter from my dream school is still unreal to me. I am so thankful for Ann’s help and guidance through this process. As a reverse splitter, I was disappointed with my LSAT score and thought that I wouldn’t get into a school that reflected my academic abilities. Ann helped me highlight my strengths in my resume, personal statement, and interview. She was insightful, thorough, and dependable. She was available to discuss every part of the process, from minute details to major decisions, always responding promptly…something I really appreciated during this stressful time. The time and dedication Ann gives you makes you feel like you are her only client and number one priority. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help, Ann!”